• Pipe Support Design


We offer verification of pipe support design and construction.

  • Verification of pipe support design and philosophies in the feed/design phase of a project.
  • Verification of pipe support fabrication.

Pipe Support Verification AS could verify the design/philosophy in the early phase of detail engineeering, follow up this verification just before the production of  fabrication drawings  and  verify the fabrication/installation of the pipe supports at the start of pipe support/piping installation.

Every verification service will be documented with a detailed report.


We provide courses in pipe support design. The competence level of the course will be suited the experience level of the customers pipe support designers/group.  

  • Pipe support  design. Applicable for pipe support designers.
  • Pipe support friendly piping design. Applicable for piping designers.
  • Pipe support design philosophies, interfaces with other disciplines etc.. Applicable for pipe support group leads.


Perform reviews through out a project to ensure quality and adivise on changes if required.

Counseling in planning and execution of pipe support design in a project.

Counseling in pipe support design philosophy (pipesupport details, choice of material etc.).